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Arkansas Board of
Examiners in Counseling

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Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
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Logs are no longer required to be submitted with the regular six month hours report to substantiate Indirect Hours. LACs and LAMFTs may claim 20% of their hours in Phase 1, and 30% in Phases 2 & 3 as Indirect, as long as sufficient supervision is documented. But, the board office may begin to require logs of all hours submitted for any six month period when more than 600 hours in total are claimed.

We have instituted new forms and they are available under the Supervision Forms tab on the home page.

Just when you think we have things all settled down around the Board office, we're changing some of the old forms in order to accommodate a 'fit' with our new database system.  We're integrating all forms with the database and the Supervision forms are the most used forms and the most complicated forms.  So, we've simplified the reporting form so that the form is in sequence with the database record entries.