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Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor 27th Annual Conference



Holiday Inn Orlando-Disney Springs


Join in on the informative fun as the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor meets for their 27th Annual Conference. Come to learn, to share best practices, to network, to meet new friends and to walk away feeling uplifted.

Humor and laughter professionals from around the world are invited to learn the latest applications and benefits of therapeutic humor presented by field experts. CEU and CME credits will be available for the conference session as well as the one-day Humor Academy sessions.


Participate in HUMOR ACADEMY to enroll in the Certified Humor Professional Certification process at AATH Conference

The Humor Academy has three consecutive learning levels that align with the mission of AATH.  The mission of AATH is to serve as a community of professionals who study, practice and promote healthy humor.  Each year’s learning program consists of a pre-conference intensive day, monthly conference calls, and homework, focused on:

  • Year 1, Level I:      Humor Studies Foundation: overview of the theory and research of humor practice
  • Year 2, Level II:     Application and Humor Project: continued learning culminating in a Humor Project
  • Year 3, Level III:    Leadership: practice and promotion of humor in AATH and the participant’s field

When you sign up, you will be exposed to some of the finest experts and comprehensive texts in the field.  This is why each Level qualifies for graduate or undergraduate college credit. (This requires an additional fee.

The Humor Academy uses a collaborative learning environment with participants representing a variety of occupations including, but not limited to, the professional areas of medicine, health and wellness, business, education, mental health, spirituality, performance, writers, speakers, and trainers. You will be placed in a group (usually 5 – 8 individuals) that is most often based on geographic locations to ease coordination of phone conversations over time zones. Group advisors are chosen for their demonstrated leadership in the field of therapeutic humor.

While there are distinct advantages to completing all three levels, completing each Level does not obligate you to complete the next one.

What’s required?
At each level, you will be expected to:

  • Attend a 1-day pre-conference intensive and the full international conference in the days following, both of which include opportunities to learn from some of the finest experts in the field;
  • Over the course of the next 12 months, participate in at least 8 toll-free conference calls with your group;
  • Complete other assigned work.

Various readings will be assigned, and especially at Level III, internationally known leaders will be interviewed on some of the monthly calls. In addition, each Level includes certain expectations:

  • Level I: Keeping of a humor log to build awareness of the role humor plays in your life
  • Level II: Completion of a Humor Project
  • Level III: Demonstration of leadership in the field, including taking on an active committee role or assignment in AATH

There is an opportunity to enroll in AATH's Humor Academy. Upon completion of the the Level Humor Academy program you are eligible to apply for the Humor Therapy specialization from the Arkansas Board of Counseling Examiners.

When you graduate – the C.H.P. Advantage

Becoming a Certified Humor Professional is an option after completing the three Levels (years) of the Academy Program. Although not everyone chooses to complete all three years of training; others take a year or two off before continuing, but when you do complete the three year course, you are eligible to become a Certified Humor Professional and entitled to use the initials C.H.P. following your name.