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Arkansas Board of
Examiners in Counseling

101 East Capitol, Suite 202
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Office: 501-683-5800
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Welcome to the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling (ARBOEC) web site. The Board hopes you find the site helpful and informative. The Board members and staff welcome any comments for future improvements.




Begin below by telling us who you are and we will guide you through an easy step by step process to get you headed in the right direction with the correct documentation

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These forms are crafted in MS Word for ease of use. PLEASE do not alter the content or format of the forms in any way.


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Copy and print the forms you need. If you select the ‘SAVE’ feature then click the “OPEN’ choice at the bottom of the page, the forms will appear quicker than just selecting ‘OPEN’

    * Select your applicant type on Step One to see what documents are required for you.


Besure to compile and check these documents for accuracy before submission.

You may login and access your documents and instructions at a later date. Please click the Submit button below to begin your application process.

Did you know...

Our website works best with Google or Firefox.  You will have to sign on with Mozilla Firefox or Google to download any forms.

NOTICE:  The fee for the NCE Exam will increase from $195.00 to $275.00 beginning September 13, 2017.

All supervisees, the changes in supervision have begun so you might want to check out the new Rules & Regulations.

There have been some changes Applying for licensure, like you need to have 4 letters of reference and 2 of them must come from faculty!!!

That you're required to notify the Board within 10 Business Days of any change of address, phone, marital status, etc . . . . ???


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You will be guided through a step-by-step process in order to properly file a complaint. All complaints must follow this process.

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